About Cory

There seems to be gold in my blood- My great grandfather was from Ballarat and had several gold claims (not overly successful from my research). My grandfather, father and uncle all were prospectors in NZ- where my uncle still prospects regularly. I remember when I was about 5 my father would regularly go fossicking around drake and Taloom. When I was older we would go gold panning around Kilkivan frequently and thus began my interest in gold. About 2 years ago, after settling down with a house and family, I felt the call of gold again and began seriously learning all I could. I began panning in Warwick regularly but my interest soon turned to detecting. I started with a cheap machine and very soon realised I was wasting my time. I was lucky enough to have been given a Minelab GP 3000 back in February this year and found 12 grams of the good stuff on my first outing! I haven't looked back since. I now have a Minelab GPX 4500 and am finding good gold in the Warwick area very regularly- which is no easy feat! Since joining the Miners Den Australia team an interest in coins and relics has been sparked. In my spare time, I always seem to be swinging a detector, and my daughter (5) is now asking for one of her own!

Tony’s Great Finds with his New Minelab CTX 3030

A few months ago I joined a web site “Dirt Fishing Australia” on this site there are really great people that post information, pictures of their finds & general chat as well as organize trips.

I was fortunate to join in on a trip organized by a Robo (all round great guy to meet & know) to do a bit of Gold hunting & Camping. On the day we arrived we all met up (my first camp & meeting with these guys). Between 6 – 7am we setup camp & then started having a bit of a detect around the campsite.

At first swinging around all I was finding was 10c pieces & the usual aluminium rubbish then Logan suggested I talk to John (as he’s had his Minelab CTX 3030 for about 3 years) & see what settings he ran. Off I went & John was only to happy to help he set me up with the settings he uses.

Well BAAMMMOO within 10 meters a beautiful sounding target so I started to dig, got down about 4inches & not what I wanted to see just a piece of rusted metal but I swung the CTX over the hole again n yup still there so dug a bit more & over to the side of the hole out came a fabulous 1846 Queen Victoria Four Pence. Wow I called out, then the others congratulated me & we all went back to hunting.

Must have been about half an hour or more went past, John & Logan were up under a tree having a break n drink & BAAMMOO again I dug down about 5 inches & here it was BIG & Beautiful a 1888 QV Half Penny. Oh I was over the moon & had to go & have a break.

To get not 1 but 2 awesome 1800’s find’s in one hunt I was so so excited & happy, the others were finding really great finds too. We all got together & showed each other our finds then went bush for some nugget hunting, although we weren’t successful & didn’t find any Gold.

Since this camp I’ve gone back to the camp site with the CTX 3030 had another couple of hours hunt & what do you know WOOHOO I came home with another 2 great items from history.

A really nice BRISBANE ROCKHAMPTON CRITERION – ONE PENNY coin/traders token & a nice what was identified as a SNAKE BUCKLE.

Great machine supplied to me by my favorite Detector shop & Minelab Dealer
BRISBANEGOLD – Miners Den, this is my second detector supplied to me by them & they offer awesome information, backup service & friendly staff.

BIG THANKYOU to MINERS DEN for all the help on purchasing the right equipment first time for the right job & finds that I am interested in finding.

Cheers thankyou for reading my little adventure story so get out & get in the dirt.
Tony Dendle

Snake One PennyQV QVQV EMU Snake Emu.JPG CTX GROAT.jpg

Customers Amazing Gold Find!

Recently my work mate, David Turner, informed me a customer had bought in some great but unusual gold found with his Minelab GPX 5000, including a very large and heavy rock with some colour showing through. Well today was my lucky day as our customer came back in to show me the pieces!

Within the first hour came the small clean 1 grm nugget, the customers’ first ever piece!

Followed shortly after by a clear but faint ‘high-low’ target. After about 2 feet of digging a large rock of about 2kg was unearthed and found to be giving a very strong signal. The rock was discarded as it was thought to just be a hot rock, however after a short while curiosity took over and the rock was picked up and examined closer- sure enough there was a tiny glint of gold. After cleaning it was seen to have gold showing through all the cracks and interfaces of the rock- all up between 3 – 4 oz of gold in it!

The next day not far away from the rock specimen, the 2 flat pieces were located- screaming junk signals- both in one hole! One was about 11 grams and the other about 4 grams, both coated with a very chalky brown ironstone like material.

A very exciting and unique first find for our customer and hopefully the first of many!Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Minelab GPX 5000 Gold

Historic Seal

A few Sundays ago saw me invited on a hunt to some historic towns in SE QLD. Armed with a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector we set off for the old railway station where my friend unearthed an 1885 shilling the week before.

The first few targets were pieces of what looked like old lead pipe and of course the obligatory old screw caps. Then some interesting numbers appeared on screen – I decided to dig. After only 1″ of digging, the edge of what I thought was a coin was revealed. After carefully removing the object I was totally confused as to what it was. A stamp perhaps? No – the backwards details were too deep. It was a sealing stamp! After careful cleaning I could see exactly what it said. And it wasn’t surprising that it was found just meters from the old railway tracks and station.

The old station building is gone now and what stands in place is the local tourist info and historic museum building. I showed the staff the find and they were amazed! I am going to donate this to the museum as it’s a great part of the towns’ history- and what’s more it still does its job! I wonder when it made its last seal?????

stamp-(1 of 1) stamp-(2 of 1) stamp-(3 of 1)

Minelab X-TERRA 705 finds Celestial ‘Gold’

I recently took my partner and dear daughter (almost 6) for a day detecting – something they have both been wanting to do for some time now. Me armed with my Minelab GPX 5000 and my daughter Lily a Minelab X-TERRA 705.

We stuck together for most of the morning just using my GPX 5000 and turning up nothing but rubbish we headed back to the cars for lunch. Lily asked to get the X-TERRA 705 out for a go so I set it up and she began awkwardly swinging close to the cars. We were all talking amongst ourselves when I hear “daddy I have a target!”

I went over to Lily who was sure enough waving the coil over something that made a mellow noise. I scratched the ground with my pick and the sound was gone. A few moments later one of my detecting buddies asked what was on my pick magnet. I had a look and here was this curious lump of what looked like dozer chip. After a quick clean I could see a very distinct fusion crust and several regmaglypts or ‘thumb prints’- it seemed to be a meteorite!

While it hasn’t been formally classified we are all thrilled to have found one and Lily in particular is very proud of her ‘space rock’!

Meteorite found with Minelab X-TERRA 705


Meteorite Detectorist Lily

Detecting with Dad

Recently, myself and my detecting mates decided to think outside the square and do some raw prospecting. Let’s just say we were very successful – but that’s another story, so keep watching the blog for more details, photos and videos.

So after nearly 2 years of serious detecting my father finally asked to join me on a trip. We used to go gold panning and gem fossicking together some 20 years ago, so it was great we could share this past time together again.

We made the 2.5 hr drive to the goldfields and were greeted at the patch by my detecting buddies. After coffee and a chat we sussed out a plan for the day. Dad and I decided to work down slope from the main area of the patch, me detecting and he following and watching intently to learn some basics. We had the usual run of shotgun pellets and big deep sharps rifle projectiles but no gold. After smoko we strapped Dad into my mates spare detector, a Minelab sd2200 d, and I gave him some basic instruction. after 10 minutes he was away – recognising ground noise and hot rocks and even un-earthing several lead shots. Most impressive for someone who has never detected.

Lunch time arrived and one of my mates had pinged a 1.4 gram piece, but we were still looking. So we decided to do some raking and shifting of logs (we ALWAYS shift everything back after mind you!). Dad went a little away with the 2200d, and I worked my rakings with the 14″ x 9″ Nugget Finder coil. Neither of us had any luck until my coil touched a clump of grass and made the faintest sound. I thought it was just a false signal from bumping the grass but it was repeatable! So I removed the clump and then was left with a quiet but distinct inverted tone.

I removed 2″ of topsoil and had a loud but mellow drop tone now- it was sure to be gold.  One of my mates was returning to the car by this stage and heard the noise. Everyone gathered for the ‘unearthing’- and another 12″ later a beautiful solid 4.6 grammer came to light, Bringing my total from the patch to just over 16 grams.

After the excitement died down I strapped Dad into my GPX 5000 and off he went with renewed enthusiasm. I have not seen anyone pick up a GPX 5000 and operate it so naturally in such a short time. He was digging tiny shards of rubbish and recognising ground noise. He then pointed the coil underneath a fallen tree and there was a very, very slight signal. We removed the debris from the hole and the target was gone. He suggested it was rubbish but I insisted we pin-point it. Once in my hand Dad said ‘it will just be lead’. I opened my hand and proudly presently my father with a beautiful gold and haematite nugget of exactly 0.5 grams!

Every trip out I am amazed at what this machine can do even in the hands of a beginner- Now I can proudly say I have shared part of the incredible hobby with my old man!

Keep watching this space for the story of how we came to find this patch, with videos and photos to come too!

Queensland Gold gold1 gold2 gold3

All that Glitters is not Gold!

Perfect weather, soft ground after the rain and a new Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector. What more could you ask for?

I began my 2nd outing with the Minelab GPX 5000 in an area that has been flogged like a dead horse for 20yrs or so. Coupled with an 8″ Minelab coil and Rooster Booster, I was amazed how smooth and quiet the machine was running. I picked up many minute fragments of old tin cans and bits of wire all of which had been left behind by other operators.

After a few hours of no luck I switched to a 14″ x 9″ Nugget Finder and went looking for some new ground. Again the machine performed wonderfully and the shotgun pellets were coming thick and fast, but alas the yellow still evaded me.

The day was getting on so my detecting partner and I decided to try one last spot on the way home. It was getting late and still no gold. We decided to call it quits and we were walking back to the car, me swinging casually, and I got a good drop tone signal.

I began to dig and dig and dig – the target now screaming I began to get excited. Still more digging and a white clay began to emerge, then the target was out. the light was now fading as I knelt down to isolate the target, my mate watching on eagerly. Then I saw it……

I picked it up – it was heavy, a good 6 grams. I wiped the dirt off – it was gold!!! We both began to laugh and enjoy the moment.

I then made the mistake of looking closer at the nugget. Something was odd about it, so I scratched it…….

Some dirty bugger had painted a nugget of lead with gold paint!

I have heard many prospectors joke about that, or even the ‘dick head’ tokens in Victoria, but I never thought I would be unlucky enough to find one of these detecting jokes!

Painted Lead Nugget

Minelab CTX 3030 Discovers Lost Treasure

I decided one weekend to become acquainted with the new Minelab CTX 3030 and coming from  a GPX background thought it might be a bit of a challenge.

I spent some time in the front yard and pulled a number of decimal coins that other detectors had missed.

I found with a few small tweaks I was able to use the machine quite effectively.

Later that day a good friend who has a home handy man service, called me to say a friend of his had lost a very sentimental (and expensive) gold and garnet crucifix and asked if I could run my detector over the area to try and find it. I explained I had the latest Minelab machine to try and he was quite excited.

We arrived at the house and after some small talk I was escorted around the back to the remains of an old fire pile, 20 years worth in fact…..

It was littered with melted metal scraps and blobs and general debris. From my brief experience with the Minelab CTX 3030 I had worked out the gold cross would likely give me a low tone, so off I began. There were targets left, right and center and I feared I would not find the one I was after.

4 minutes in and I came across a different and distinctly low tone. I scraped some debris away, and there it was gleaming at us.

The owners looked on in amazement as I produced the crucifix- probably looking as stunned as I!

That was a great feeling to reunite such an exquisite piece of jewellery with its owners and is testament to the capabilities of the Minelab CTX 3030  even in the hands of a new user!

Crucifix Found

The lost crucifix which was found with the Minelab CTX 3030


The Gold is Never Gone

I had been doing some research on where gold has been found on the Glendons property.2.5 gram gold nugget found by Cory from BrisbaneGold Between my talks with other prospectors and my friend who had found some rakings on the property I decided to start there. He had already been over the rakings with his Minelab GPX 5000 and at first I thought I won’t bother there. I parked at the area known as ‘The Carpark’ which is where everyone goes for panning on the property, and according to every prospector I speak to has been hammered and they don’t bother detecting there. While I was getting suited up, another member of our local prospecting club arrived and we decided to work together. He is fairly new to detecting and has a Minelab SD 2100v2. While he was getting ready I was just casually swinging the Minelab GPX-4500 about 2m from the car when I got a signal. I decided to dig, and my fellow prospector watched on eagerly as he has not found gold before. I was sure it was junk, but at about 8″ the target was out. It plopped onto the top of the pile and we both spotted the unmistakeable sparkle of gold at the same time. 1.5 grams from the carpark at ‘The Carpark’! The most brilliant light yellow piece I have seen.

Later that day we found ourselves at the rakings I had been told about. Who ever had been there had been very thorough or so they thought…. 2 minutes after beginning there I had a small signal. Again about 8″down out came a 1gram slug.

About 3m from the one gram piece and in someone’s old scraping, I heard the most minute change in the threshold. I asked my friends ‘can you hear that?’. Both said no and thought I was mad. However being a musician I can hear things most others can’t. I scraped out the old dig hole a few inches and it became a ground noise with a slight whip in the middle. Digging further down through the gravel it became evident the soil was highly mineralised and very different to the top soil. The target was still there but hard to distinguish from the ground noise. After 10″ of digging I hit a thick red clay and after one final scoop the target was out. And sure enough it was gold! A 0.7 gram piece in very difficult soil at 10″ measured!

Using a Minelab GPX-4500 with a 14” x 9″ Nugget Finder Coil. A top combo!

After that find, I sat down for a breather and let my friend put the 14” x 9” on his Minelab GPX 5000. 2 minutes later he had a beautiful 3 gram piece from an area I had already been over…..

0.7grm Nugget found at 'The Carpark' by Cory from BrisbaneGold

Hole dug whilst digging out a target

Cory from BrisbaneGold Unearths a 3.7g Gold Specimen

3.7 Gold Specimen

3.7 Gold Specimen found by Cory from BrisbaneGold

Our Newest Miners Den Australia Team Member Cory from the BrisbaneGold store struck it lucky 2 weeks ago when out on a gold prospecting trip in Queensland near Brisbane.

Using a Minelab GPX 4500 metal detecting with a 14” x 9” Nugget Finder Coil he heard a signal, dug down approximately 16 inches and found a beautiful gold specimen.

The specimen weighs about 3.7 grams containing about 3 grams of gold.
Not a bad weekend’s work.

Stay tuned as we are sure Cory will have more great gold finds that he will share with us all.

3.7g Gold Specimen found near Brisbane

Beautiful 3.7g gold specimen found with a Minelab GPX 4500