Minelab CTX 3030 discovers a Beaut Cricket Buckle

I was studying an old map which showed considerable alluvial gold workings in an isolated area near Bendigo and decided to take a drive there to see if it had seen many detectorists.

The diggings were extensive and probably had a large population in the 1860’s. It appeared as though nobody had been detecting there so I switched on the Minelab CTX 3030 and detected around the diggings and it was surprising how much junk was around, and shallow.

After a couple of hours digging pocketfulls of the usual buckles and buttons, but nothing of great interest, and that it was nearing 40 degrees, I was ready to call it a day and head back towards my car when I heard a broad, high-pitched signal on the edge of a digging.

I could tell it was a large non-ferrous object and that it was down several inches. I began digging the rock-hard dry ground, using my Minelab PRO-FIND 25 as I went to keep me from hitting the object with the pick.

After approx 6-7 inches deep, the PRO-FIND told me I was almost right on it, so I proceeded to use my hands. I finally seen the edge of a large flat brass belt buckle. Carefully prying it out with a stick, I was excited to think it would be another Victorian era cricket themed buckle, but also wondering if it would come out broken or damaged, as many of them are. It sure looked intact when it was just out of the ground so I walked it back to my car and brushed off the dirt with an old toothbrush to reveal its detail. I sure was lucky with this one. Beautiful condition and it still has the clasps on the back. Another excellent goldfields buckle for the collection.

P1030170 P1030193 P1030194

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Tim works at Miners Den Australia’s Bendigo store ‘BendigoGold’. Having an interest in both Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting he is available to offer Miners Den Australia customers advice and support in their pursuit treasure hunting adventures and Gold Nuggets. Tim will be sharing his finds and advice regularly on the Miners Den Australia blog, so make sure you check back to see some fantastic finds and valuable tips on getting the best out of your Minelab Gold, Treasure and Adventure metal detectors! Having uncovered 1000's of historic relics and many ounces of gold nuggets Tim is perfect person to help you hone your skills and get you discovering more of the good stuff more often. Tim can be contacted via email timkrause@minersdenaustralia.com.au

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