BendigoGold Customer Gold Finds!

6.3oz Gold Nugget

6.3oz gold nugget dug up by a BendigoGold customer using a Minelab Metal Detector

Had a regular customer drop into the BendigoGold store in the last few days and he showed us this magnificent find.

It was found using a Minelab GPX4500 and a Nugget Finder 17″ x 11″ elliptical coil at a depth of about 8″ – a real screamer!



The nugget was unearthed in the last 3 weeks and tipped the scales at 195.8g or 6.3oz – at the current gold price the nugget would be worth about $11000.00.

Well done and congratulations to the finder

6.3oz Gold Nugget

Another gorgeous photo of the 6.3oz gold nugget found using a Minelab Metal Detector.

6.3oz Gold Nugget shown on Gold Scales
See the weight of the 6.3oz gold nugget found by one of BendigoGold’s customers.





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