Great Treasure finds from Previously Worked Ground

I had a site I wanted to work over but it been worked over by detectorists for years because it’s on the side of the road and well known pub site.

I thought I’d give it a go anyway, to my surprise I found many many deep objects, local tailors buttons, spoons etc.

I got a signal at the back of the site which I suspected would be another button by it’s sound and about 6” down I pulled out a beautiful 1852 gold half sovereign, also nearby a really good condition 1874 shilling.

I also found a lot of other interesting relics in this same area, because of the depth of all the objects in this site I decided to dig a small amount of top soil away in the high trash areas and re-detect the ground and found the cricket belt buckle.

It surprised me that all that stuff has been missed by other detectorists over the years.

Shilling Find

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