Discover the Rooster Booster & Low Feedback Speaker for Minelab GPX Metal Detectors

The Rooster Booster Speaker combo is only able to be used with the supplied speaker – The RB Combo has too much gain to allow it to be safely used with headphones

The low feedback speaker that is supplied with the RB Combo can also be purchased on its own with a standard 1/4 Jack – This speaker will work on most of the commonly used boosters on the market in Australia

Click Here to buy speaker $29.95 Free Post

Click Here to buy Rooster Booster Speaker Combo $220.00 Free Post


The low feedback speaker is different from the standard speaker that is currently available in the market – This speaker eliminates most of the feedback when checking targets with the speaker closer to the coil – The case has been designed to improve the attachment of the spring clips to the speaker case – This solution to the feedback that the currently available speakers have was stumbled  upon while testing many of speakers as part of the Rooster Booster Project – We are not sure why this speaker has eliminated most of the annoying feedback being experienced – However we do know It WORKS – We made some modifications that improved the speaker further and then had the Speaker, Case & Clip engineered & manufactured to our specifications


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