100+ years old Whistle found by Treasure Tim with a CTX 3030

I was detecting with my Minelab CTX 3030 treasure detector on the edge of a large gully which was known to be a Chinese camp in the mid 1850’s, hoping to find some lost Chinese coins and relics.

I could tell the area had been well detected before me but I would persist anyway. I Came across a visible hut site with chimney and wall remains and quickly dug up 4 Chinese coins amongst the rubble and also finding a matchbox with Chinese writing on it so I had a good idea this was a Chinese hut.

Finding mostly junk targets I got one more within the site which initially I couldnt tell what it was so I pocketed it and left the area for the day.

It wasn’t until I arrived home and cleaned the strange object to find it was a very old small brass whistle.

After a thorough cleaning i gave it a blow and found it to have a very loud ear-piercing tone!

Still works great after possibly 100 plus years underground. Was a great find and an old whistle is a first for me.

100+ year whistle

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