10 grams of Gold in 2 Hours!

Here is a great little story from Cory at our BrisbaneGold Store:

My mate Bruce heard a tale of a 4oz piece coming from an area on Glendon’s property many years ago.

I would think many many detectors have been over it since but the area has no detector holes and was full of screaming targets.

Bruce dug a number of shotgun pellets and bits of wire and then out popped a nugget of 1.2 grams. And so it went for the next 2 hrs for a total of 10 grams with the biggest being just over 5 grams.

There are still many big targets left to uncover and he has invited me to help him work the area on the weekend.

He was using a Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector with a Rooster Booster and a 14″ Coiltek mono coil.

10 grms of gold nuggets

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